Laurus Institute for Logistics

Laurus Institute for Logistics is a subsidiary of Laurus institute for training and HR. Logistics is essential for the day to day activity of every enterprise and considering that, Laurus Institute for Logistics has developed Logistical and Supply Chain Management trainings as per the industrial demand. Laurus stand as a bridge in between the job aspirants and Logistical companies.

Laurus impart quality education and tailor made training in logistics and supply chain with the help of qualified and experienced industrial experts from the field of logistics.  Laurus seeks to find the true potential of trainees to recruit them to different portfolios in logistics.

Together we grow…

The Laurus Institute for Training and Human Resource recognizes that successful businesses are based on people information and knowledge.

Every successful business is powered by a workforce of dedicated resources. Allow us to power you.

Our vision

what we aim for read what it matters.

To become a proactive catalyst for social class mobility, by setting a higher standard for higher education. Laurus caters to all individuals ranging from beginner level to the professional. Laurus graduate students are prepared to take on the challenges they will face in today’s job market. Our desire is to create value, earn trust, deliver results, exceed expectations, and empower people.

Our mission

we have a mission for the future.

Our mission; is to contribute to the social and economic development of our locale and our country and to employment by raising and improvising the workforce who know how to access and analyze information in accordance with the needs of information technology and are capable of continually renewing themselves towards their goals, and who thus possess the ability to create a difference.